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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mammy Machine!

Yep...this is it ...the dreaded MAMMOGRAM machine!
For YEARS now my doctor's have "advised" me to get a mammogram...hearing horror stories I simply avoided listening to them....after all who wants their breasts smashed and taken a picture of?  I mean REALLY? So...to be perfectly honest...I whined...and refused...and whined some more...and was a CHICKEN
I wasn't afraid of the outcome...I have known several women who have had breast cancer and came through beautifully...and dignified....
I knew there was no history of breast cancer in my family....I simply HATE pain...I actually tolerate pain quite well...but I still don't WANT any!
So...my new doctor said the same thing all my other doctors have said, "you really need to get a mammogram".  So...I decided to buck up... put my fears aside (and there were many)...and just do it...
The nurse was very reassuring...as she was grabbing my boobies everywhere and pulling them into position...then she cranks down the machine....I am prepared for the pain...I take a deep breath...and before I can exhale it's over...."It's over?"  IT'S OVER!!! What the heck?!  Absolutely no pain...three more pictures...NO PAIN! Not even a tiny hint of pain...I have had my blood pressure checked and had worse pain!  I WHINED (and not just a little) for nothing!  I am ashamed...I leave laughing because to be perfectly honest...
Realizing this fact...I salute all the women out there who were brave and just did it...I hope and pray that this machine continues to do it's job and detect cancer the way it was designed so that breast cancer can be diminished...
and when I have to do it again I will do it with a smile on my face!

Post note:  Test good...I don't have to do it again for another year!  Yay!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

What I have decided about being fifty....
"I can do what I want!"
No more...food "hall of shame",
I will happily eat what I want...
okay, I may still be in the
Euphoric High of a pretty good
doctors visit...that's right...got my Cholesterol down a whopping 40 points....
no meds for me! Yay!
Although, to be perfectly honest, I suppose I will still have to work at keeping it down...but for now and randomly...I will...
"Eat what I want!"
Seeing the above ingredients lying alone in the cupboard, what was I to do? This could only mean one thing....
And at 7:00 in the morning....
Alas....no campfire handy...sniffle...sniffle...
and then....

Hot coals without leaving the house!

And no Bugs to contend with!!!
Hot, Melty, Gooey, Goodness!
Post note; this turned out to be very messy, dripped on my nightgown, got all over my hands and face, Ryan mocked me when he came home from seminary.....but honestly...
and...It was worth every sticky second!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, as I am now blogging on a more regular basis now....2 days in a row....I know...you're all impressed I am sure...I went...dare i (no more caps for me in this post, it takes too much time)...(yes, all my parenthesis, probably took more, but i do so love being random) (back to it now) say...ALL BY MYSELF....to the playlist shop and popped it on over there (to the side of my blog) "SWEET!" you are all probably thinking (and rightly so) (oops i so just capped a ton...of course i did cap lock so it wasn't so bad) anyway, back to the playlist...to let all my blog watchers, (there are 2 following me that will admit it...thank you adriana & ...??? i forgot to look) and yet i distract myself again....ahh, playlist...each song on my particular playlist means a special something to me, and i will let you know RIGHT NOW!! fyi, when...and i will...change the playlist i will be sure to keep you posted on why a particular song is playing.....but for now, these are the reasons the songs are playing now.....

1) something perfect....i found that song randomly when setting up lane's missionary blog, and i just fell in love with it

2) i love you more today than yesterday....reminds me of gabey, i think we may have been in the car when it came on once and i started belting it out with the radio and she learned it and whenever it comes on we sing it at the top of our lungs.....probably isn't a good sound, but it is totally fun!

3) grow old with me...joel...i first heard this song ten years ago, loved it, and he's who i'm growing old with, and that makes me very happy

4) down at the twist and shout...oddly enough this song reminds me of clay adair, he and jeff were gone on their missions at the same time and clay went to louisiana, so i always think of him when this song is playing....i love to dance to it...it just gets ya going!!!

5) through the eyes of love...erin, swing choir, senior solo....loved it...love how the song builds...i remember her choosing this song, the practices, the performance...she did so great, i thought my heart would explode...i couldn't have been more proud....i ought to own the movie...i think i will ... soon

6) you raise me up...reminds me of lane, senior, high school, wish he would have done choir, i think he would have been great, he always loved this song and would sing it all the time...that and "i could have danced all night" from my fair lady...he got a lot of flack for that one, but it makes me smile just thinking of him singing it!

7) our song...taylor swift, how can i not think of ryan when i hear her sing...it doesn't matter what it is, if she's singing i think of ryan....he loves country and i have to say i listen to it more and more all the time, thanks to him...i have gained a better appreciation for it...i go country when i'm with him....and i'm okay with that...now

8) YMCA...andrew, andrew, andrew....and he knows why...well, everyone in our immediate family knows why, and if you haven't seen the video....you better ask to!!! oh, to be a deacon, eh, andrew!!!!

9) you're my sunshine after the rain...jeff, he's the target here, senior, high school, lipsinc, teeny bopper girls, he gave a great performance with his partner clay, all the girls crushed on them after that! still cracks me up!

so...there you go, enjoy the music, i do....and now you know why.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

So like, I have to keep this up?

So, here we go, a new year, a new goal....trying to keep my blog up!!! I realized that this was an important thing to do since....yes dave, it is because of you...I went to Dave's blog and realized.....I was REMOVED from his blog!!!! How could this be?? I was devastated! I of course surmise that it possibly could be from the fact that I rarely blog....but really, what if I did?...he wouldn't know....so....to stick it to dave..(actually I won't have to be doing lane's since he will be coming home in a month..and will have more time....but it is definitely funner to say that I am stickking it to dave)...I will begin to blog again...personally I do prefer blogging to facebook and such. So this is my first post, plan to see more, I will be!! I will even post some pictures, and spice it up ... when I learn how!!!!! HA!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Joel & Rhonda

So here is a Pic of Joel and I, we were at a diamondbacks game...I will be taking all future pictures in this manner as it does not show my double chin! This may prove difficult, but I think joel is strong enough to carry the ladder everywhere we go...and we will have to find people that are not afraid of heights to take the pictures....but life is an adventure so what the heck!!!
Hello! So....Dave if you are checking up on me....I am making some changes to my blog...under your awesome tutoring...this is not my only blog, but I also made one for Elder Lane Ashmore while he is on his mission! check his out at...elderlaneashmore.blogspot.com....can't wait to hear from you!!!

To everyone else....check it out also....and check in here too! Although, this one will probably not get updated as quickly or as often as lane's....unless of course i've got something un-missionary to say!!!!

love to all!!